For the moment, we have unseasonably warm weather that mimics what we missed in July. Soon though, the crispness of fall will return, bringing with it the turning of the leaves into vibrant displays of color. We’ll turn to our favorite hot beverages to sip as we pull out sweaters and cozy up by firesides.

Life can be straight up chaotic. We can find ourselves grasping for any sort of dependable constant in our lives. We look for something to count on. Expected and unexpected turns come our way, bringing with them decisions to be made. Each decision brings the question of how to alleviate the current pressure, as well as what future impact our decision will have. There is good news for the chaos that we find ourselves in, there is a constant for our lives! This constant is our Creator, Someone who knows not only the best solution for our situation, but also who loves us and has designed a unique and fulfilling story of our lives. Seasons change, but He is present through every season to bring peace and joy and healing.

– by Ria Lepp