The transition into the holiday season is notorious for dredging up feelings of loneliness, resurfacing the pain of relationships gone wrong, and highlighting financial stress. For many the season that is meant to signify joy and togetherness instead is anything but joyful.

The longer I live on this planet, the more I’m beginning to realize the truth in the fact that joy is not dependent on circumstances. I think it’s absolutely fitting that Thanksgiving leads into the Christmas season. Gratitude has a direct effect on our joy levels. Taking time to genuinely give thanks even for the difficult situations has a profound effect on your feelings. If you feel like you’re imprisoned to blah feelings, it’s worth taking a moment to tell your feelings what you’re grateful for.

Although gratitude won’t erase pain or grief, this season is about Love that has come into this world to bring healing and hope and joy even in the middle of pain and grief. This love is for each of us in whatever circumstances that we find ourselves, regardless of our choices in the past. More than anything else, this love will transform our outlook and bring peace to a troubled heart.

Our greatest wish is to see you thrive and experience life transforming, joy giving love!