It may be the most normal thing in the world to experience fear. Every day has its moments where fear tries to worm its way in. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of loss, fear of rejection…and list could go on indefinitely. Even though fear may seem normal in our world, I believe that it doesn’t have to own us or the decisions that we make.

Fear is pretty much acknowledging that something or someone is big. There is an element of fear or awe when you look at something majestic that is much bigger than you are, such as the ocean or mountains. The ocean and mountains aren’t out to hurt you, but the fear that you may experience is the acknowledgment that they are much bigger than you and that you can’t control them. Situations can be the same way, if a situation is right in front of you and all that you can focus on, you’ll probably experience fear. In that moment of feeling out of control, it can be easy to make a quick decision to try to make the fear and the situation go away. These decisions that are owned by fear typically aren’t our best decisions. Even though the situation may be out of your control; there is a way to step back, look for all the options so that you don’t feel trapped, and make a decision that is the right one for you now and in the future. Whatever or whoever is facing you, however big they may seem, is only one pixel of the big picture. Take a step back to be able to see around them/it and allow yourself to own the choices that you have.

Even when you can’t see it, there is purpose and love for you that is way bigger than any person or decision that you have to make. You are loved with a perfect love, that when you come to know this love, will envelope you. It will become what is biggest and most influential to you. Since it’s way bigger than you and something that you can’t control, you’ll probably feel some fear in the face of it, but you’ll also feel complete security and comfort because this love has your best at heart.

by Kahla Dombroski