Choices: every one of us is inundated with choices every day. Most of them may seem small and insignificant while others are more monumental. Choices are the building blocks that shape the structure of our lives. Even small and seemingly insignificant choices matter as they tend to shape the thought processes that bigger decisions are made on. It can be difficult to give decisions and choices the time and attention that is warranted for the best and healthiest outcome.

I’m here to tell you today that you are worth the time it takes to make the best and healthiest decisions for yourself. It may mean asking for input from someone you trust who has your best interests at heart, it may mean taking some time to research what your best options are. The life that you have been given is a life that is full of destiny and purpose, a life that is designed to be lived full of joy. There will be unexpected turns along the journey, but look for the part of them that actually adds to your life and also brings unexpected joy.

Even if you find yourself in a spot where you feel like you’ve messed up on a lot of the choices that were handed to you, right now is a starting point to change the direction and future that you’re moving towards. There is always hope for you and hope for your future. Don’t wait for your circumstances to pan out into something more “workable” for you. Choose to not let circumstances control the outcome of your life!

We operate on a strong belief that every person and every life is so so valuable and deserves to have the strongest foundation for health and a full life. We’re here to support you on that journey with care and information for decisions that you may be facing. One of our greatest joys is to see you thrive and come to know how valuable you really are!

– by Ria Lepp