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  • Oh, Baby

    Oh Baby! We now have one round of classes under our belt with a second round underway. So far, we have enjoyed some fantastic food that resulted from the cooking demonstrations.

  • Mommy Shaming

    There should be NO safer place for moms than with other moms, right?WRONG!!Sadly, the women that are supposed to be naturally nurturing (you just had a baby, after all!) are the ones that are tearing each other apart."Their baby's socks are NEVER matching!" "Girl, did you just buy Goldfish crackers??!! My child ONLY eats the organic bunny crackers. .

  • Welcome, 2017!!

    Well, ready or not, 2017 is here!! A new year can help us mark a "new start" in our lives and can even help us feel a spark of hope as we dare to dream and believe for great things in the next 365 days.If you're on any social media sites, you've been seeing a gazillion different challenges and projects that you can do in this next year. Plus, there are always those dreaded "New Year's Resolutions." I always felt like I had failed before I had even begun when I mad...

  • How Healthy Is My Relationship?

    Sometimes it’s hard to take an objective look at your relationship with your partner. We tend to compare our relationships - and our partners - with other people we know. Are we doing better or worse than those around us, we might ask. What if that’s not the best way to evaluate your relationship with your partner?

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